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File Pile***** Shareware
BabyOil -- Searches Shareware sites*****
S. B. A. Business *****
NoNags -- Shareware Search***** **** Shareware 
ZDNet **** Shareware 
CNET / Shareware.Com**** 
Tucows-- shareware****
FTP Search Engine **** 
Virtual Software Library****
Jumbo -- Shareware search ****
GameCenter Shareware**** -- Shareware --**** 
Windows NT Resource Center**** 
Stroud's CWSApps -- shareware *** 
Games DomainShareware ***
PC Gamefinder -- Shareware***
Screen Savers*** 
Snoopie -- File Search Engine *** pay? 
Sharepaper -- Shareware***
ZDNet --Macworld shareware--***
Windex --Shareware***
Benchin -- Software Review*** 
Linux Software Map -- Search***
Two Star Search Engines
ATN -- Shareware** 
Shareware Author indeX ** 
SoftInfo** Shareware 
Albert's Ambry** Shareware
Loop's Free BSD 

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