Science Nature Technology Search Engines
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Scientific American***** 
Biosystematics & LifeScience Resources***** 
Biodiversity / Biocollections-- Extensive***** 
Discovery Channel Data Base**** 
The Internet Directory For Botany**** 
The Journal of Biological Chemistry**** 
AstroWeb -- Astronomy/Astrophysics**** 
Newswise Medical Meta Search**** 
ASCE Civil Engineering Database**** 
Biocatalysis/Biodegradation Database**** 
CISTI -- Canada's sci/tech and medical library**** 
Agriculture Genome Information Server **** 
GenBank -- Biotechnology**** 
CNRS La science au service des hommes**** 
Environmental Organizations Search**** 
Engineering, Scientific Unit Converter **** 
Nuc/Bio/Chem --Medical Defense Search**** 
Biol., Agric. Medical INFOMINE*** 
Math Search -- Nerd Stuff*** 
Behavioral, Brain Science*** 
Animal Drug Approval Abstracts*** 
WWW Chemical Structures Database*** 
JEAB Experimental Analysis of Behavior*** 
Community of Sciences DB -- members only*** 
NOAA Router Search NOAA Web Sites*** 
Search EnviroLink*** 
Dictionary of Cellular Biology*** 
Nova Online*** 
The Pasteur Institute***
USDA Plants Database***
Two Star Search Engines
The JASON Project** 
Energy Info on the Internet** 
OWL --Protein Sequence Database** 
Yale Journal of Biology Medicine** 
American Society for Microbiology** 
San Fransisco -Exploratorium** 
MedWeb Biomedical ** 
Funded Research -- NIH, USDA, NSF....** 
MAD Scientist Network** 
NSF Research Projects** 
Science Magazine** 
Assoc. For Veterniary Infomatics** 

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