US Politics Government Search Engines
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On the Job -- Your U.S. Congress --***** 
White House Press Releases*****
U.S. Congressional Bills***** 
GovBot -- Database of U.S. Gov. Web Sites***** 
S. B. A. Library***** 
S. B. A. --Wais Search**** 
The Alliance for Redesigning Gov.**** 
World Bank**** 
Dept. of Health and Human Services**** 
U.S. state and territorial laws**** 
U.S. Census Bureau Search by Location**** 
U.S. Government Information Locator**** 
FEDWorld Information Locator Service*** 
Federal Web Locator *** 
The Federalist Papers Search*** 
U.S. Government InfoMine -- UCR *** 
IRS *** 
The White House *** 
U.S. Census Bureau -- Word Search*** 
Social Security*** 
InfoSpace Government Locator*** 
FedStats-- Statistical Data *** 
U.S. Government Budget*** 
U.S. Government Manual*** 
U.S. Government Agenda*** 
Two Star Search Engines
W3 Virtual Lib: USGov't Info Sources** 
National FairHousing Advocate** 
Presidential Saturday Radio Addresses*** 
Executive Orders** 
Council of Economic Advisors  Indicators** 
U.S. Tax Code(26 USC)** 
U.S. Constitution** 
U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics** 
U.S. Department of Defence Locator** 
U.S. Air Force Link** 
F. E. M. A.** 

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