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Map of flood and high flow condition (Pennsylvania)

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Please note that weather forecasts and other weather related observations found on this or other World Wide Web sites should not be substituted for official National Weather Service (NWS) forecast and warning information issued by local NWS offices, especially if you are making decisions about how or whether to protect lives or property.
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Federal Disaster Links
Apply for Federal Disaster Aid
FEMA  -- Twitter  --  Think Tank --  Blog
Federal Disaster Declarations
U.S. Dept. of Transportation  PA Road Closures 
Pennsylvania USDA Agricultural Statistics
Red Cross -- donate or assistance
National Wireless Amber Alert System
US DHHS -- Public Health Emergency
Water Resources for Pennsylvania
Pennsylvania Real-Time Water Data
NOAA Pennsylvania Weather
NOAA Email Weather Alerts
Pennsylvania Weather Warnings
Pennsylvania Hourly Weather Observations
U.S.G.S. Programs in Pennsylvania
Pennsylvania: Earthquake History
Pennsylvania Earthquake Information
US EPA -- Natural Disasters -- Hotlines
EPA Region 3   --  US EPA Pennsylvania
Drought in Pennsylvania
NOAA StormReady Weather 
Pennsylvania NOAA Weather Radio
Salvation Army Team Emergency Radio Network
USDOJ: Antitrust Division Disaster Recovery
GSA Advantage!® Disaster Relief
U.S.C.G. NRC On-Line Spill Reporting Tool
OSHA  --  Hazardous Waste
Pennsylvania National Flood Insurance Program Community Status Book
U.S. Census Bureau Pennsylvania
Make an Online Hazard Map for Your Location
National Fire News
US Weather Hazards Assessment
Yesterday's Storm Reports
Excessive Rainfall Forecasts
Winter Forecasts
National Hurricane Center

State Disaster Links
Pennsylvania Government
Pennsylvania Governor
Pennsylvania Emergency Management Agency  --  Alert
Pennsylvania Dept. of Transportation  --  511 
2-1-1 Pennsylvania  Dial 211 for community resources
Pennsylvania State Police 
Pennsylvania Amber Alerts   
Pennsylvania State Fire Commissioner
Pennsylvania Department of Agriculture
Pennsylvania Department of Natural Resources
Pennsylvania Department of Health
Pennsylvania Citizen Corps
ARRL  Pennsylvania  Western  --- Eastern
Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection
Pennsylvania Insurance Department
County Emergency Management Agencies
Adams County Emergency Management  --  Alert  
Allegheny County Emergency Management -- Twitter  
Berks County Emergency Management  --  Alert 
Blair County Emergency Services
Bradford County Emergency Management  
Bucks County Emergency Management  
Cambria County Emergency Management   
Chester County Emergency Management  
Clarion County Emergency Management 
Clearfield County Emergency Management  
Columbia County Emergency Management  
Cumberland County Emergency Management  
Dauphin County Emergency Management  
Delaware County Emergency Services  --  Alert 
Elk County Emergency Management 
Erie County Emergency Management    
Franklin County Emergency Services  --  Alert
Fulton County Emergency Management 
Greene County Emergency Management  
Huntingdon County Emergency Management  -- Alert -- Twitter  --  Facebook  
Indiana County Emergency Management  
Lancaster County Emergency Management  
Lawrence County Emergency Management  --  Twitter  
Lebanon County Emergency Management  --  Alert  
Lehigh County Emergency Management     
Luzerne County Emergency Management 
Lycoming County Emergency Management   
McKean County Emergency Management  
Montgomery County Emergency Preparedness  
Montour County Emergency Management  
Northampton County Emergency Management  -- Alert -- Twitter  --  Facebook 
Perry County Emergency Management 
Schuylkill County Emergency Management  
Somerset County Emergency Management  
Sullivan County Emergency Services   
Susquehanna County Emergency Management  
Union County Emergency Management  
Venango County Emergency Management   
Warren County Emergency Management  
Washington County Emergency Management  
Wayne County Emergency Management  
Westmoreland County Emergency Management   
York County Emergency Services --  Alert  --  Facebook -- Twitter      

Disaster Center Links
Family Disaster Plan
The Disaster Center
Pennsylvania Online Media
Pennsylvania Tornado Data
Pennsylvania Crime Statistics
El Nino
Weather Resources 
Weather Twitter --   pawx
Building For Disasters
Maps of Pennsylvania
City Emergency Management Agencies
Greensburg Emergency Management  
Horsham Emergency Management  
Johnstown Emergency Management  
Lower Pottsgrove Emergency Management  
Philadelphia Emergency Management   --  Facebook  --  Twitter  
Pittsburgh Emergency Management  --  Facebook  --  Twitter  

Today's Severe Weather Outlook
Today's Severe Weather Outlook

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